How To Get There

Music On Festival 2023


The fastest way to get to Music On Festival is by using the shuttle busses departing from Amsterdam Amstel Station which can be easily reached by public transport.

Plan your journey in advance through the NS Reisplanner and buy your ticket online to avoid staying in line at the ticket machines. Make sure you check the time of your latest public transport option and take overcrowding and extra travel time into account. Please check the digital screens on the platforms for accurate information.

Make sure you have enough credit on OV-chipcard, don’t forget your trip back. If you got an E-ticket, don’t forget to check in and out at the gates with a barcode-reader. This also applies for mobile tickets.


From the direction of:

  • Amersfoort and further: the fastest way to travel to Music On Festival is via Utrecht Centraal. Take the train to Amsterdam Amstel from there.
  • Weesp, Lelystad: travel to station Duivendrecht and take the metro to Amsterdam Amstel from there. Make sure you have a valid ticket for the metro as well.
  • Haarlem, Zaandam and further: travel to Amsterdam Centraal and take one of the trains to Amsterdam Amstel from there.

For other directions: Check the NS Reisplanner


To make the trip easier we’ve arranged a shuttle bus service to our event. From there it is a 5 minute walk to the venue.

 • Departure station: Trainstation Amsterdam Amstel
 • Pick-up point: at bus deck Amstel station (Station A1)
 • Return ticket pre-sale: € 8,- per day
 • Times Saturday: 11:00 – 00:30 h
 • Times Sunday: 12:00 – 00:30 h

Shuttle bus tickets can be bought online until one day prior to the event. If you missed out in pre-sale, you can get your ticket upon arrival at the point of departure at Amsterdam Amstel – there will be qr-codes leading you to our ticket shop!
Don’t loose your shuttle bus ticket at the festival, as you need it for the return trip to Amsterdam Amstel.


Due to the vulnerability of the beautiful Amsterdam environment, we are a real encourager of traveling by bike. Think sustainable and travel like a local! Navigation address: Radioweg 64, to reach Music On Festival, please follow the signs.

We have more than enough bicycle parking space available right next to the festival side.


When taking a taxi to or fromMusic On Festival, we advice to order a taxi from Taxicentrale Amsterdam. You can book at taxi via several ways. Please see below how to do so:

  • Call +31 0 20 777 7777
  • Order via the TCA app. You can download the app here

The taxi from Taxicentrale Amsterdam run by meter so there are no hidden costs. And prices will remain the same, even during peak times.


Are you arriving by touringcar? Make sure to register here. You will receive travel information regarding arrival and departure times prior to the event.